Agape love and 3 reasons why your child need it


Agape love is a term referring to “love”, Agape love is the highest form of love as it embraces a universal, unconditional love that transcends and persists regardless of circumstance.

Do you remember what it was like to be a child?

Do you remember being loved or in need of it?

When it comes to children this type of love must be in daily practice. Agape is total love, the love that a child needs in order to grow healthy, This kind of love is giving, even if you get nothing in return. It helps children become better, more mature, more godly.


Agape love gives a child a sense of self-worth

All children have the need to feel accepted. When we nurture our child’s feelings of self-worth,

we create a sense of pride. There is an atmosphere of belonging so that the child does not feel

the necessity to find acceptance elsewhere. We want our sons and daughters to know that we

love them for who they are and that each child possesses a unique gift given by God. For each

child the gift is different. It can be brains, personality, sports, art, baking, music, friendship,

even the ability to care for a baby. Our role as parents is to help the child discover the magic

within instead of focusing on the perceived gifts that others possess.


Agape love teaches your child sensitivity towards others

Children notice if their words bring a smile or a tear. They recognize from early on if they’ve

brought pleasure or pain. We cannot afford to shy away from allowing them to confront their

behavior and deal with poor decisions that they’ve made. As parents, we must replace angry

reactions with firm but loving discipline. We cannot expect to raise sensitive children if we,

ourselves, are insensitive to our children’s needs. Agape love teaches us by children being

sensitive to their peers, children will build a certain level of respect for one another.



Agape love is selflessness

Agape love is not based on any circumstances or feelings. It is unconditional love, acted upon

everyday, with no expectation of love in return. Love in action. When you as the parent

continuously show this type of love to your child, in return your child will give it back to you

because you led by example. This kind of love requires sacrifice, whether it is the laying aside

of feelings or even a life to show that love. Depending on your faith you can compare it to the

ultimate example of what Agape love is. When you selflessly love your child, you accept your

child's flaws and shortcomings more readily. Agape love accepts that ups and downs are a

part of the journey and that the downs are better off when love is there, anyway.



3 Simple Ways In Getting Your Child To Read & Write

 As a parent, a teacher and former preschool director and owner, I am privileged to be given the

opportunity to observe and understand children in knowing what it takes to spark the creativeness that resides in them already.

A child's cognitive skills is important when it pertains to reading and writing. The earlier your child begins to read and write, the more

their interest will grow, here are 3 simple ways you can get your child to read and write.


Find out what your child's interest are




 If you have a healthy relationship with your child, this should not be hard at all. Notice your child's interest

by paying attention to what makes him/her smile and laugh. What does he/she like to do with their peers?

Sign up for mailing lists that will send you activity calendars from your local community center, and/or library.

Does your child happen to be shy or withdrawn without any interest at all?

Some kids often seem as if they have no interests. If this is your child, there is no need to worry. There are

activities out there that will spark his/her interests. You just have to assist your child in finding them. Ask

your child if he/she would be more interested in pursuing an activity that a friend is already involved in.

Call your community's information center about the activities they offer. Extend your scope of activities.

For instance, call art centers to see what classes they offer children. If you continue to encourage your

child and give him/her the time and resources, your child will find his/her interests and finding the right

books that your child will be interested in will be a piece of cake.



Encourage your child to create their own story


 As a parent you will be surprise with what your child comes up with, by nature children are inquisitive and

they are always asking a lot of questions. By nature children are creative and their imagination is out of

this world. As a parent myself when I listen to my 8 year old son make-up his own stories I am blasted

away because I cannot believe how creative his mind is.


After your child create his/her story out loud, have your child write their story down in a journal.


By doing this, it will help your little one to discover the fundamentals of writing as well as proper sentence

structure. The artistic element can be started by means of suggestions and different activities.


There are so many benefits of creative writing. It allows your children to utilize their very own creativeness

and encourages them to observe proper English grammar structures.



Assist your child in reading out loud



 Let's face it, your child is not going to be in the mood to be micro managed, but when you are listening to

your child read out loud, you as the parent have the advantage to access where your child is pertaining to

their reading and comprehension skills and this will give you an idea where your child stand and what

reading level your child is on. Reading out loud demonstrates the relationship between the printed word

and meaning, children understand that print tells a story or conveys information and invites the listener

into a conversation with the author. Children can listen on a higher language level than they can read, so

reading out loud makes complex ideas more accessible and exposes children to vocabulary and language

patterns that are not part of everyday speech. This, in turn, helps them understand the structure of books

when they read independently.



5 ways to bring in the New Year with your kids: Let's celebrate!


 New Year’s is almost here, and I will be bringing in 2018 with my son in a way that works out best for all of us. Not only as a parent but also as a educator, I have thought of 5 wonderful ideas that any parent can engage in with their child/children that is affordable, educational, and a lot fun!

Make New Year Resolutions


 Making New Year Resolution's with your child/children is a way to clear both of your mind, to reflect on what’s important to the both of you, and move in a positive direction. I’ve always found it to be fun coming up with goals with my own son who is 8 years old that would help improve his self and I, but in return, those around us too! Sit down with your child/children and discuss what goals and resolutions you can make individually and as a family, for the New Year. Once you are finished have your child/children hang them anywhere in the house that is visible so you as the parent can keep your child/children motivated during the course of the year. If it's something specific, set a date to have it done by a certain time (this also promotes good behavior!).

Bring in the New Year with new books


 There is no better way then bringing in the new year with literacy awareness pertaining to your child's cognitive development. According to studies, it shows that children who read for enjoyment every day not only perform better in reading tests than those who don’t, but it also develops a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures. In fact, children reading for pleasure are more likely to determine whether a child does well at school than their social or economic background. Everyday set a time between 15 minutes to an 1 hour depending on your child's age to engage in reading.

We as Americans celebrate the New Year on January 1st but in other countries the New Year is celebrated not only on a different day but also in a different way. Cultural diversity is an important concept to grasp during childhood. Understanding that people are not all the same will enable your children to embrace and value the things that make each person or group of people different. Children notice differences, and taking time to teach what is important to each culture can help foster acceptance and understanding.


Attend a local event in your city


 Gather your family and find something different to do in your city this year! Look online to see what events are going on in your area, there are so many exciting events during the New Year like a musical or going to the museum. As a Nashville, TN native my son and I like to visit the Gaylord Opry to see the winter lights, which is absolutely beautiful. Also, the Parent magazine is another source that can assist you and your family on the many events that are going on in your city for the New Year.


New Year Countdown



 Celebrating the count down to the New Year with your kids is not only fun but it can be very educational. Math and Number Awareness involves a variety of skills, including: 
1) Numeral identification
recognizing all 10 numerals from 0 through 9 and knowing each numeral’s name
2)  Counting
3)  One-to-one correspondence
4)  Counting on
5)  Patterning recognition and creation
6)  Sorting and classifying

Exposure to math and number activities will promote your child’s comfort with these skills while bringing in the New Year, number game activities like:  

New Year's Eve Balloon Clock             New Year's Mystery Count down
                          Count Your Blessings All year long                  New Year's Countdown

Can be easily found on Pinterest or you can can simply make up your own!




 Happy New Year its time to party!

 This is the time to bring out the confetti, whip out your best cooked dishes and blast your favorite tunes, forget about what happened yesterday because today is a New Year! Bringing in the New Year with a  party as a family brings in an atmosphere of togetherness and self-assurance that the rest of your year will be A-OK !