A member of (SCBWI) Society of Children’s book Writers and Illustrators. 

 Precious Adesuwa, the author of the new children’s book “Nneka Says”, specializes in Child Development, with a mission in “Helping Your Child Grow Organically”.  The Nashville native, holds a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences from Tennessee State University, integrated with a second specialization in Family Studies. Even more, she takes part in various projects that focus on teaching children how to grow and develop in harmony.  As a member of Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Precious Adesuwa, with over 10 years of experience in educating children, creates children’s content that leaves a dynamic impact and contributes to the literacy advancement of all children.

Her experience and motivation to nurture children’s development and expose them to the opportunity to lead a healthy and organic lifestyle, inspired author Precious Adesuwa to write the children’s book “Nneka Says”.

The book presents little Nneka who comes from an African upbringing. She wakes up and starts her day by expressing gratitude to her mother and father grateful for the life she has by their side. The title of the book is intrinsic to the theme of the story and teaches children how to say, “Thank you very much” in another language creating a multicultural learning experience.

Author Precious Adesuwa’s journey of “Helping Children Grow Organically”, doesn’t stop at this book, her creativity and desire for progressive child development and multicultural awareness, drives her to continue to create more authentic material for children.

Precious has been featured in "The Milwaukee Community Journal", she has also been a guest on "1600 AM WTST The Blaze radio ", "103.7 FM The Scenario radio show", and "88.1 FM Fisk radio".