2018 Summer Program

 "Little Authors" is a one week program that will run for approximately 5 days for the duration of the summer.

 This summer program is geared towards teaching students from the ages of 7-12 yrs old how to write and publish their own book. Since this class is only for 1 week, the book that will be published will go as one collective unit so each student will have there own chapter within the book.

The students will engage and learn the art of storytelling through African traditions and concepts.Literacy is implemented through writing exercises, learning the language of the African Drum, and crafting stories and poetry allowing them to learn how too properly create a book.

Towards the ending of the camp the students will have an opportunity to recite and perform their published work to their parents. Completion and Finalization of the book is mailed to each student after the camp is over.

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